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Guttering & Downpipe

Do you need a Brisbane roof plumber?

 OA Plumbing are your Brisbane Roof Plumbing Company providing repair services for gutters & downpipes. Guttering and downpipe repairs & maintenance is often neglected by a home or business owner as it can be too difficult or complicated to undertake. At OA Plumbing our experienced roof plumbers are here to help. We offer a wide range of roof plumbing services including downpipe repairs and roof leak repairs; we design and perform guttering and downpipe installation, and install and repair stormwater drainage systems.

Our team provide prompt professional service. If you require roof plumbing repairs immediately, need new guttering & downpipes installed, or are after a roof & gutter clean, call us today on 1300 161 655.

Help! Help! Water Everywhere!

Do you see water gushing out over the top of your gutters? Maybe water is escaping out from under the eaves of the house. Are your gutters very old and have holes where the water is escaping? Do you have a leaking roof? A blocked gutter/downpipe can cause internal roof damage during torrential rain causing your roof to leak. We are your Brisbane roof plumber rescue service – Call OA Plumbing for your roof leak repairs.

Guttering & Downpipe Maintenance

Due to the ‘out of reach’ location of your guttering and downpipes and without the necessary tools to get the job done, repairs may be difficult and complex.

However due to the important role gutters and downpipes play protecting your home from water damage and filling your water tanks, it is recommended that maintenance is carried out at least annually. A regular gutter clean (an essential part of your home maintenance) will go a long way in preventing roof leaks and flooding! Looking after your guttering starts with cleaning out the leaf collection, debris and maybe a missing toy or two. Nearby trees are great culprits for clogged gutters and downpipes, and will hinder the smooth flow of stormwater. Ongoing inspection and maintenance of your roof, downpipes and gutters is the best prevention of something major occurring and the small cost now could potentially save you thousands in the long run. Gutters and downpipes left uncleaned are prone to rust and corrosion; and over time holes develop allowing water to escape. When water escapes close to the house foundations can be affected. Our roof plumber will:

  • Clean and inspect all gutters and downpipes
  • Check condition of gutters and downpipes for corrosion, rust and damage
  • Check (& replace) flashing
  • Offer options for improved performance such as installing a gutter guard to prevent clogging
  • Identify weaknesses before they become major issues


And if you require replacement guttering installation or downpipe installation we can do that too.

Guttering and Downpipe Installation

OA Plumbing supply and install all types of gutters and downpipes to suit any architectural style. We can also pipe in water tanks if desired. Helpful reference brochures are listed below: Colorbond Steel

Colour Chart ( Stramit

Guttering Information – guttering, fascia & rainwater products to match your roof ( If you require roof guttering repairs and downpipe repairs or you need new downpipes and gutters installed on your roof then you need OA Plumbing.

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